A Totally COOL Hebrew School!
Because Jewish learning should be FUN!

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Debbi Ballard

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April 30, 2017

Begin Your Spiritual Journey Through Personalized Jewish Education Programs Across South Florida

Just what you were looking for — Small groups and personal attention in an inviting, educational setting. Make Jewish learning fun and rewarding for your child and family! No synagogue membership required. Convenient and affordable. Want to join us? Find out how you can get on the bus! Click here to request more information.

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A Message from Cantor Debbi Ballard

I can’t believe it’s time to send out enrollment forms for another fun & exciting year of Edjewcation Station™! To think it was 9 years ago this year that I began with my very first group – 5 4th & 5th graders, at the Schecter family’s dining room table. Back then, my B-Mitzvah families wanted a program for their younger children that could keep their families engaged and “Jewishly educated”, while the older children were working towards their B-Mitzvah.

Like today, those were very busy families. They wanted Jewish experience and education, but they didn’t want to spend 6 hours a week committed to classroom experiences that were, well….less than rewarding.

Those families wanted something – more personal, more accessible. They wanted it to feel better, all the way around. They wanted their children to come home feeling happy about being Jewish, and knowing that being Jewish was a privilege, as well as an obligation.

We’re still doing that today. With a much smaller “footprint” of time on your week, and WAY less of an investment, our students leave class with smiles on their faces, and they can’t WAIT to come back – in 2 weeks. Many wish it was sooner!

But that’s the secret to success at Edjewcation Station. We have fun. We leave them wanting “more”! With a commitment to a core curriculum of Jewish holidays, Food & Culture, Mitzvot & Ethics, Prayer, and Building a Relationship with God, we cover all the bases in just less than 1.5 hours every other week.

Interested? Click here to request more information.

How Is Edjewcation Station Different?

• Smaller, more personalized classes

• Curriculum that presents on their level

• Patient teachers that truly listen to your children

• Respectful for all belief systems, including “questioning” children

• Fun, effective teaching methods

• And let’s not forget – 5 cooking classes each year! (we love latkes!)

We are just getting started with registration for another year, and classes are open in Davie, Boca, and Wellington. We can’t wait to have you!

For more information, call Cantor Debbi Ballard at (954) 646-1326 or email debbi@mypersonalcantor.com

Interested? Click here to request more information.

About Edjewcation Station

Founded by Cantor Debbi Ballard, founder of My Personal Cantor and Shema Koleinu, Cantor Debbi saw firsthand how today’s students were over committed, stressed, and had no time or inclination to embrace their 4 hour per week Jewish education program.  Similarly, today’s Jewish parents want more value from their Jewish affiliation, more personalized options, and creativity and passion behind their family’s Jewish connection.

In 2008, Cantor Debbi began teaching her first class of 5th graders.  Five students gathered twice a month, to learn about being Jewish, in a very hands-on, engaging environment.   We would focus on Jewish culture, foods, holidays, Torah, prayer, G-d, Mitzvoth/Ethics and Tikkun Olam.  Word quickly spread, and in five short years, Cantor Debbi now has over 120 students in classes all over South Florida!

That led her to a challenging situation.  How do you serve 120 students, in four major South Florida cities?  Unable to utilize a single-location solution, the idea of a mobile classroom was born.

Today, Edjewcation Station has become a reality!  A classroom installed in a remodeled city bus, and designed to hold 10-14 students and a teacher, we now have the world’s FIRST EVER Jewish mobile classroom!

Edjewcation Station® will serve unaffiliated populations across South Florida, with many engaging, exciting programs.  We will not only serve as a “totally cool Hebrew School”, but we will hold adult education programs, conversion classes, Intro to Judaism programs, book study, and any other programs our community desires.

Why don’t you come along – and get on the bus?  Jewish education should be fun, and we firmly believe that we are taking the driver’s seat for the future of Jewish education!


Click here to request more information.


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