Heather and Matt Zifrony

We could not be more thrilled with the Jewish education our daughters are receiving with Cantor Debbi and her edjewcation program. Our girls are learning about their heritage, the history of Judaism, and have been (and will be) prepared to become bat mitzvahs. The most important thing that they learn, however, is a sense of community and belonging. Cantor. Debbie KNOWS our girls and truly cares about them and our family, and we are forever grateful!

Melissa Strumlauf

Debbi's programs are exactly what we were looking for. Small groups, personal attention and small groups in a inviting educational setting. She and her staff make learning Judaism a fun, yet rewarding experience for every child and family.

Nicole Hemmati

This program has been a fun and rewarding learning environment for our daughter. Celebrating her B'nai mitzvah in Israel has been a dream in our family. Being able to learn more about our heritage is an added bonus; sharing it with our "extended family" is the icing on the cake!

Jamie and Ken Fenster

Our family decided to work with Debbi Ballard because we were looking for a more meaningful Bat Mitzvah service for our daughter. Debbi personally tutored our daughter and they built a bond that was clearly obvious during her service. In the process, Debbi has become very close to our family. There are wonderful programs offered post-bar/bat mitzvah so that our children can continue their Jewish education. It has been a wonderful experience for all of us.


I think I might be Edjewcation Stations biggest fan! It has given my daughter the opportunity to understand where she comes from and gain insight, education and exposure to why being Jewish is so special. The program engages her in a way that is fun and relative to her as a 10 year old. It is casual and open. All the children are encouraged to think and be creative...to ask questions. They make it fun and engaging. And most importantly, they make my daughter happy, proud and counting the days until her next class!

George Bettinger

Our favorite characteristic of the program is that it is more than just a basic Jewish education. Spirituality is interjected. Modern thoughts and questions are encouraged! There are arts and crafts and cooking lessons. There is a feeling of caring. What I love most about the program is that Cantor Debbi gives her all to see that everyone is learning and participating. She takes each child into account. She learns their personality and works to help nourish their hearts and minds. I would like other parents to know that the Cantor oversees every aspect of her program but she also has a fine staff of assistants that share her passion for teaching.

Amy Gamarra

All three of our children have and continue to be involved in several different programs offered by Cantor Debbi. Our children enjoy being involved and learning in the very fun, relaxed, interactive environment that has been created! We love Cantor Debbi! If it's better for you to include my name, feel free. If it doesn't matter, you can leave out. Thanks!

Julie Gluckman

Our entire family loves Cantor Debbi and the program. Our son gets excited for his Wednesday class. He actually sings Shema in the shower. He is excited about the learning, has met some new friends, and is proud when he tries to recite a prayer. We love being part of the community!

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