Sharing Shabbat with Your Community

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Debbi Ballard

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February 11, 2018

Sharing Shabbat with my community is one of my favorite things to do. I am so grateful that each time I suggest it, a family in my community offers to host the service.  These informal gatherings often end up as the most memorable of events to me.

photo everyone celebrating together, Sharing Shabbat With Your CommunityI love the opportunity to gather together as families (yes, my family often joins), welcome Shabbat, share what has been happening in our often all-to-busy lives, and have a lovely Shabbat dinner. I have always welcomed and invited my new families to these events, but I had never created one for families with whom I haven’t worked.

Recently, I shared with you my love of Shabbat: why it is important to me, why I think it should be important to you and some ideas to bring Shabbat into your home.  It was this love that lead me to this specific community Shabbat service.

The Idea – Shabbat!

visual idea lightbulb, sharing shabbat with your community

I have been working more frequently in Palm Beach County, specifically the cities of Wellington and Boyton Beach.  My families living there have shared with me that they had friends and neighbors who were part of the unaffiliated  Jewish community;  they did not belong to a congregation, yet were interested in observing and celebrating their faith.  They were wondering if I would be able to include them.  There was a catch, however.  Many of them have young children – some not even old enough for Edjewcation Station.  They wanted to arrange an introduction; but weren’t sure of the best way.

Shabbat!  It came to me in a second.  What a perfect opportunity; an observance appropriate for families with children of all ages.  Of course, it would be low key, informal, warm and inviting.  I was off and running.

Planning the Community Shabbat Service

photo checklist for Shabbat in the Canyons, Sharing Shabbat With Your CommunityFortunately,  a family offered to reserve the clubhouse in The Canyons, a lovely community in West Boyton Beach that is home to young families and centrally located to many of those with whom I work.  I created an invitation and opened the event to those I knew, those who wished to meet me and their friends.  In keeping with the belief that this event should be casual, I decided a “Pot-Luck Shabbat” would encourage everyone to participate.  I developed a sign up list, and in no time had volunteers for every item from main courses (salmon and chicken ) to sides to desserts.  Looking for inspiration?  Click  here for some kid friendly ideas!  Sharing Shabbat, It’s Time!

On Friday, October 20th  I arrived at The Canyons a little nervous and very excited.  This evening was different from any I had ever planned. While it was informal it also included a religious component and new people.  Thank goodness I had some familiar faces around to put me at ease.

photo kids Community Shabbat in the Canyons, Sharing Shabbat With Your CommunityAs it turns out, all that worry was for nothing! First, the new families that joined me were warm, interesting and so much fun.  And, their children were adorable!  Each time I participate in event with young families I am reminded how much I love what I do. Obviously, families are the base of my community and welcoming new ones is always exciting.  It felt like my own family was growing; what a beautiful thought.

visual shabbat wine glass cartoonWe chatted and had a delicious Shabbat dinner and some yummy desserts. Then, we recited the Shabbat prayers over the candles, the wine and the Challah and we all sang some Shabbat songs together.   I visited with old friends, met fabulous new people and shared the most special time of the week.  The evening could not have been better.

My Education

Okay, you all know me, and you know that after each experience I have, I always try to take a moment for myself, recap what happened and discern what I have learned.  Sharing Shabbat in the Canyons was no different.  When I arrived back home, in Fort Lauderdale, everyone went to sleep and I had some quiet by myself to reflect.

What I Learned About Sharing Shabbat

My lessons were numerous and so important.  Take a look:

  • I learned that sometimes the most free-form events can be the most fun.  I need to plan more things like this.  With so little to worry about in terms of logistics, I found that I was able to truly be in the moment and share the evening with some fabulous people.
  • I realized that a family event as a way to meet new people really is an awesome idea!  The interaction between parents and children tells so much; and because everyone had their families with them, nobody was worried about rushing home to relieve a babysitter.  We were all completely present for the entire evening.
  • I learned that informal doesn’t mean disorganized, and that sharing some of the responsibility (like who would bring the food) is not only okay, it is critical.  When everyone can share in the preparation, everyone is invested — and nobody is overburdened.
  • Finally, I reaffirmed that sharing Shabbat is one of the BEST ways to meet people; everyone was relaxed and committed to joining together for a special evening.

What’s Next

Well, I want to do it again!  I met some wonderful new people, shared what I do and learned about them.  And, I had so much fun.  I would love to host more community Shabbats for my current families and new families.  Please let me know if this is something you would like to attend.  Shabbat is important, we need to step back, reflect and relax. Also,  it’s lots of fun to share it with friends!

Looking for more information on Edjewcation Station,  Shema Koleinu or Cantor Debbi Ballard?  Click the links displayed or call me at 954-646-1326.  I would love to welcome you into my community and share with you all that we do.


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