Can you tell me how you got started?

Sure!  After spending years as a lay-leader and educator in a popular West Broward synagogue, I began to see how ineffective today’s synagogue programs are, and that families wanted something different.  Also, in the last decade, I have seen families by the dozens choosing to not affiliate, leaving them without options for educating their children. I knew there was a need for an education program that

1)   Engaged and interested students

2)   Provided flexible schedules that complimented a busy lifestyle

3)   Focused on a core curriculum of Food/Culture, Mitzvot, Ethics, Prayer, and building a relationship with G-d.

I decided to create small groups of children that would encourage dialogue and interaction, enhancing the learning experience, engaging family members, and overall – making Hebrew/Jewish education FUN!  And then – edjewcation station was born!

Well, class sizes are typically 8-12 students.  I can place your student in an existing group, or you can form your own group with a minimum of 6 students.  The small group size fosters a full 1.25 hour session of engaged Jewish learning and sharing through dialogue, crafts, video, cooking, and role-play.  I have every student’s attention for the full class period, and learning is exponentially greater than a typical Hebrew school class.  I found that in Hebrew School, a teacher spent 80% of their time quieting a class, and 20% teaching.  I am able to utilize a full 95-100% of my class time teaching, and engaging my students.

Sure.  Class meets every other week, so we have approximately 20 classes per year.  Classes generally focus 2-3 major topics (Holidays, Mitzvoth, Prayer, Torah, Cooking), so as to reinforce how all of these things must be balanced in our daily lives.  Students are provided a safe space for sharing, as they are required to make a pledge of respect, and consideration to others in the classroom.  Everyone has an opportunity to share and contribute, and students feel important to the process.

  • Our cooking classes celebrate the foods of Hanukkah (latkes), Purim (Hamentashen), Passover (charoset, matzoh clusters, etc.) and a Challah-day (holiday).  We also have a Tu B’Shevat Seder (festival of the trees).
  • Mitzvot classes focus on the teachings of the Torah regarding the 10 Commandments, and other worldy mitzvoth such as Acts of love and kindness, praying with sincerity, Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), and many more.
  • Holidays cover the major holidays, history, their foods, Biblical characters, and cultural inclusion in our lives today.
  • Prayer – students not only learn to recite our most important prayers, but more importantly, learn what they mean, and how they are relevant to our lives.  We spend a great deal of time applying the teachings of prayer to our lives.
  • G-d – When do you recall being taught HOW to pray to G-d?How does prayer work?  How do you build a relationship with G-d?  I work diligently to help my students form that relationship, with the understanding that as they embark on their teen years, they will need that relationship more than ever, to help them make positive choices for their lives.

Learn more about our Jewish studies on our Curriculum page

The cost of the program is $960 per year, which includes all tuition and activities and supplies.  Also, once your child is enrolled, you lock in the current year’s price, protecting you from future price increases for 3 years, and we give a 10% early registration discount for enrollment before March 15th of the prior year.

It’s a lead in – not an either-or.  Our classes for edjewcation station include 3rd-5th grade, with a B-Mitzvah boot camp weekly in 6th.  The B-Mitzvah typically occurs in 7th.  Therefore, they are very well prepared by the time they reach the 7th grade B-Mitzvah study program.   Individual Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah programs are priced separately – and prices depend on the # of classes, and style of private tutoring to reach a family’s goal.  Please inquire separately on Bar/Bat Mitzvah programs.

We incorporate music, nature and food into almost every session.  We incorporate technology so they can go on “digital treasure hunts” to learn about Judaica and incorporate objects found in the home.  We schedule mitzvah days and Friday night Shabbat pot luck dinner for our pod communities to gather and celebrate and perform Tikkun Olam in the community.  We are a well rounded program that edjewcates and strengthens Jewish identity.

I did for several years, till our enrollment grew and we now offer classes in multiple locations!  Our teachers are not only Jewish educational professionals but we also invite Moms to take an active role in facilitating our classes.  All that’s required is a passion for Jewish continuity and a sparkly and enthusiastic personality and we will provide all the training!

Typically, 3rd-5th grades meet on weekdays after school, from 3:30-4:45 pm.  We do have a few options for a weekday 5pm class and a Sunday class as well, for working families.

You can schedule a call or an in home info session with Cantor Debbi directly! Call her at 954-850-0453, or access her calendar here to book an info call. She would love to talk to you!

Our 2023-24 season is under way but new classes will begin in Naples FL, Boynton Beach, FL and Toco Hills in Atlanta in November.  Call for more info!   ENROLL HERE

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