Edjewcation station is a NON academic, EXPERIENTIAL program that includes ALL of the FUN of being Jewish, and eliminating tears, social pressure, learning pressure and restrictive time requirements.

When Cantor Debbi created the program, she heard from families that they wanted to focus on the “culture” and beauty of Judaism, and not have to be told HOW to be Jewish.

Our Program has evolved over the years and today we focus on the following 5 pillars

Food And Culture

Mitzvoth & Ethics

Judaic History & Torah Stories

Prayer & Its Meaning

Building a Relationship With "Higher Power"

Each class is 1.25 hours led by an exciting and engaging facilitator of learning. Our classes typically include 2-3 different activities of various styles. We incorporate hands on activities such as cooking, food prep, crafting, and nature. Many classes include a brief “frontal teaching” activity followed by dialogue and discussion, so our students can apply the meaning of what they are learning to their own lives.

Did You Have Fun?
photo Cantor Debbi enjoying Community Shabbat in the Canyons, Sharing Shabbat With Your Community

We ask our parents NOT to ask the students what they learned, but rather to task “Did you have fun??”

This reinforces our mission – of planting seeds of positive Jewish experiences leading to deeper adult engagement in the future.

We want our students to seek out Jewish experiences in their lives, whether it is High School in Israel, Jewish groups on college campuses, Birthright, and incorporating Judaism into their future families’ lives.

Edjewcation station is all about creating positive framework between our students and their Jewish faith, and we have hundreds of happy families that continued through B-Mitzvah programs as well as strong interaction with Jewish organizations in college and beyond.

If you have a small group (we call them pods) of friends that would like to gather in the privacy of your home with a private teacher, or want to find out about pods forming in your area, we welcome you to contact Cantor Debbi at 954-850-0453 or by email:

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