A Big Welcome to our newest families in Coral Springs, FL!

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Debbi Ballard

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August 29, 2018

Coral Springs Welcomes Edjewcation Station!

We launched our first class in Coral Springs, FL!  It was a great class of 4 students, ranging from 2nd-5th grades. Their parents chose this program because they wanted a Jewish education program that was FUN, affordable and engaging for their children! These families don’t want expensive programs nor do they have time to attend 2-3 times per week, and they REALLY did not want to hear their children CRY when they had to go to Hebrew School!

Coral Springs edjewcation station students having fun!
Our Coral Springs edjewcation station group on their 1st day

Edjewcation Station is their solution!

Our curriculum focuses on 5 key areas:

  • Food & Culture
  • Mitzvot & Ethics
  • Prayers & Their Meanings
  • Holidays & Celebrations
  • Building a Relationship With God

In these 1.25 hour classes which are held every OTHER week, our kids EXPERIENCE Jewish education – they have FUN, it is meaningful to them, and they look forward to coming back – every time!

What did we learn today?

Here’s the basics of our class today:

As you know, the High Holy Days are approaching, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  We learned the actual meaning of those words, and we learned about the 10 days in between, called the Days of Atonement.
On Rosh Hashanah, we celebrate the birthday of the world.  We eat apples & honey for a sweet new year, and we usually have a “Yontif” (yiddish word for holiday) dinner the night before, as all Jewish holidays begin in the evening, and continue until sundown the next day.  On this day, we begin to “take inventory” of our behaviors in the past year, and try to identify and acknowledge where we did not “hit our targets” in our behavior in the past year.
During this time – we take 3 key steps in examining and rectifying our behavior.
1.  Acknowledge – we look at ourselves, and decide what actions we were not proud of or could have been better.
2.  Apologize – we decide who we must apologize to – either to others, G-d, or ourselves, and we approach them with true apologies.
3.  “Flip” to the positive! – we set our goals, or our new resolutions, using POSITIVE behavior words – rather than statements with “won’t” or “never”.  We say – “I WILL respect the rules of my home”, etc., using those positive behavior statements.
Apologies and change are necessary because we believe that God seals our fate for the coming year, in our ability to make amends and implement positive change.  Everyone is always given the opportunity to do things better, but the intention must be good in our hearts.
This is our “Jewish” system of accountability – knowing we have an accountability even when nobody human is watching.  And we have the chance to start each year with a clean slate, but there are things we must do to wipe that slate clean.

We talked about the things they were not proud of this year, and how they can make positive changes each year as they get older, taking more responsibility for themselves.  Now, let’s be honest – these are all great kids – who NEVER miss their mark intentionally, but – there’s room for growth in everyone, and even if we weren’t bad – we can always get better in some area, and that is what I focused on.  (I’ll NEVER focus on bad – only personal improvement and striving to be the best version of ourselves we can be)

Why don’t you join us and start LOVING Jewish education?

Call Cantor Debbi to discuss options for your child in South Florida, 954-646-1326


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