Making Jewish education fun for South Florida families

4 Mar 2015

We love our Hamentashen!

Just had to share some current photos from our awesome hamentashen baking classes this year! Our students LOVE their cooking classes, they... Read More

Debbi Ballard

24 Nov 2014

Our favorite B-Mitzvah DJ’s EVER!

The mitzvah business can be tough to get around – competition is stiff, and you have to work really hard to set... Read More

Debbi Ballard

18 Aug 2014

reJEWveNation: A Celebration and Innovative B-Mitzvah Showcase Experience

Cantor Debbi Ballard and edjewcation station will reveal the first-ever Jewish education mobile classroom in the country at this ribbon-cutting – reveal... Read More

Debbi Ballard

17 Jul 2014

edjewcation station welcomes Miss Hope, and offers a new & exciting Jewish education program to grades K-2 in Boca Raton!

Debbi Ballard


8 May 2014

ReJEWveNation! The final plans have been made!

We are so excited to confirm that ReJEWveNation, the most innovative B-Mitzvah Showcase Experience, along with the ribbon cutting/reveal of the FIRST-EVER... Read More

Debbi Ballard

9 Mar 2014

edjewcation station® has arrived!

Thank you to the Sun Sentinel and writer Lisa Huriash for an awesome article on edjewcation station®!   Read the article here:... Read More

Debbi Ballard

Save the date

28 Feb 2014

Save the date!

  Cantor Debbi has been talking about this bus for over a year now, and it’s time to see it LIVE! Please... Read More

Debbi Ballard


19 Feb 2014

Here comes Haman(tashen)!

One of our favorite events is coming up and the kids are so excited! Over the next two weeks, we will be... Read More

Debbi Ballard

17 Feb 2014

Let’s Roll! and learn

Welcome to edjewcation station! I’m so excited to welcome you to our program, and our website! Edjewcation station was born just a... Read More

Debbi Ballard