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What is edjewcation station®?

It’s a new philosophy in Jewish education, serving today’s “unaffiliated” (we prefer to call them “self directed”) families in South Florida, Atlanta and beyond who want a positive, enriching Jewish connection for their families, without restrictive time and financial investment.

Jewish Learning Should Be FUN!

Founded by Cantor Debbi Ballard, founder of My Personal Cantor and Shema Koleinu, Cantor Debbi saw firsthand how today’s students were over committed, stressed, and had no time or inclination to embrace a 4 hour per week Jewish education program.  Similarly, today’s Jewish parents want less rules with more personalized options, creativity and passion in a Jewish educational program for their family.

In 2008, Cantor Debbi began teaching her first class of 5th graders.  Five students gathered twice a month, to learn about being Jewish, in a very hands-on, engaging environment.   We would focus on Jewish culture, foods, holidays, Torah, prayer, G-d, Mitzvoth/Ethics and Tikkun Olam.  Word quickly spread, and by 2018, there were over 100 students in this amazing program.

edjewcation station® serves the today’s “unaffiliated” populations (we prefer to call them “self directed) with many engaging, exciting programs.  We not only serve as a “totally cool Hebrew School”, but we offer adult education programs, conversion classes, Intro to Judaism programs, book study, and any other programs our community desires.

Why don’t you come join us?  Jewish education should be fun, and we firmly believe that we are taking the driver’s seat for the future of Jewish education!

edJEWcation station® – Nothing’s stopping you now!


Contact us at:  954-646-1326, or email us at:  info@edjewcationstation.org

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